Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Girl 4 Love Escorts Service Directory

You find lots of Escorts Service Directory on Internet providing lot of Female Escorts Service listing in their Directory, Escorts Agency Listings in their Escort Directory, Massage Parlours, BDSM and Fetish Services, Model Escorts and lot more

One more thing each and every client noticed there is that only few percent of them are genuine and providing good services to the clients and are genuine in any case, lot of them are cheaters and not providing reliable services to the clients and cheat with them in case of escort service and privacy. So here at we are coming up with a unique concept of individual review for escorts from their clients and
posted by the admin end after interacting with the client personally over email and phone to check the genuineity of the clients as well so as the Escort Agencies do not cheat over with the Directory by referring fake clients to get good reviews.
Also in this directory we will have a unique concept of blacklisting Escort Girls, posting their photos, locations, numbers and the reference where we get most negative reviews so that the clients searching the escort service in that area will come to know which girl is a cheater and is not providing satisfactory service to the clients in return of their precious money which they are spending for their pleasure times

So at this Escort Service Directory each and every client will come to know that which Escort Agency is genuine and providing a classy Service with good feedback from the clients and also can get few references from other clients as well. We are going to describe it by countrywise, statewise, citywise listing of escorts and clients.
One more beneficiary for Escort Service providers is there in this Escort Service Directory is that all the Escorts / Independent Escorts / Escorts Agencies / Massage Parlors and lot other service providers that they can get reference from the directory owner and also by their own for the genuine and trustable Clients and they can also give feed backs about the clients about how genuine they are and how fraud they are, by giving their individual details like email, location and phone numbers and also rate other Independent Escorts and Escort Agencies in their area or other areas with whom they share work, just to avoid the cheaters from the industry. So this will benefit most of the Escort Agencies  who operate in multiple cities and forward or share work with other agencies or Independent girls working as escorts in the industry and do good work and are trustable or do ahrm and cheat with agencies and other escorts or cheat with the clients.

This Blog is only defining a part of few of the features of the unique Escort Service Directory providing detailed and trustable relationship bond between Escorts Agencies - Clients, Independent Escorts - Clients, Escorts Agencies with other Agencies, Escorts Agencies with Independent Escorts and lot more features. So keep an eye for the feature list of the Escorts Directory